VNO on KA-SAT allows customers to create virtual networks and re-package services that meet the demands of their respective markets.

For web surfing or data connectivity, for cloud and even for legacy applications, VNO enables operators to partition the satellite network and efficiently allocate resources to specific end-customers.


Simple. Flexible. Scalable.

VNOs using KA-SAT can configure networks to different speeds, performance and QoS. Alterations to services are easily permitted without altering remote site equipment in both directions. This type of hub architecture allows customers to grow their networks intelligently, with customisable services enabling significantly lower costs. KA-SAT can offer new service packages for second tier providers, who in turn repackage these services to their respective end-customers. The advantages of our VNO service include:

  • Quick deployment
  • Scalable private network
  • Design your network to fully support your desired business model
  • Determine speeds, network performance and rate plans as you see fit
  • Supports applications like VoIP, video and private networks
  • Easily expand your service capacity as you build customer demand
  • Potential to reduce operating expenses for the primary satellite service provider since the VNO user assumes a greater role in managing its own assigned resources
  • Software development kit available for custom applications


Satellite Coverage

satellite coverage map