TEAM:MEDIA and Eutelsat’s NewsSpotter service help broadcasters cover Bosnia’s worst ever flooding disaster

BOSNIA. June 2014 – Eutelsat’s NewsSpotter satellite newsgathering service was used by TEAM:MEDIA to transmit more than 50 live television reports of the worst ever flooding disaster to hit Bosnia in May. The immediacy of the reporting helped viewers, humanitarian organisations and civil protection agencies understand the scale of the floods and the need for efficient and fast relief.

With an antenna mounted on the back of a BMW Mini, TEAM:MEDIA’s mobile broadcasting units were able to move around the country to set-up and transmit live coverage of the worst affected areas in only minutes using the NewsSpotter service.

TEAM:MEDIA transmitted live reports in both SD and HD quality, using Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite backbone, to the news studios of RTRS, Hayat TV and FTV television stations where they were broadcast to the world.

TEAM:MEDIA,is one of the youngest providers of teleport facilities in Europe, offering a complete range of services based on the latest technologies for Satellite Broadcasting, Encryption, Production, Play Out, Occasional Use, SNG and Terrestrial Services.

“Our mobility and speed of deployment using the Eutelsat NewsSpotter service enabled us to get to the regions worst hit by the flooding and relay our footage back to TV studios for transmission in just minutes,” said Emir Cengic, CEO at TEAM:MEDIA. “This service is helping us to revolutionise live news coverage broadcasting with a fast and cost effective newsgathering solution.”

The NewsSpotter service is designed for news team to transmit High Definition and/or Standard Definition live video at speeds of up to 10Mbps/10Mbps from the field in a fast and highly cost efficient manner.

Compact enough to be carried in a back-pack for Fly-Away use and small enough to be fitted onto a small car for rooftop mounting, NewsSpotter can instantly connect mobile news crews to studios for transmission of live recordings, images and data. Providing native IP connectivity, NewsSpotter is integrated for the workflows of modern newsgathering and Radio operations and is available across KA-SAT’s footprint that covers Europe, North Africa and large parts of the Middle East.

Offering a fast link from scene to screen, the NewsSpotter satellite dish and terminal can be set up in two minutes, including deployment, auto pointing, and connection. Bandwidth can be reserved online by news crews, using a self-booking application or pre-booked for planned use and guaranteed reservations. Users simply log-on to the operating portal and enter their user terminal number, location, time slots and bit rate required on return and forward links.

Jean-François Fenech, General Manager of Eutelsat Broadband, said: “The speed in which live coverage of this disaster could be broadcast helped to mobilise international support for the people affected. The mobility, speed of deployment and economics of the Eutelsat NewsSpotter service, combined with the skill and knowledge of partners such as TEAM:MEDIA are transforming the way news is gathered across Europe. With this service, backed by the unique capabilities of our KA-SAT satellite, professional news gathering is now possible using smaller and more agile teams and vehicles than ever before.”

KA-SAT, the first High Throughput Satellite (HTS) in Europe, is a new generation of multi-spotbeam, high capacity satellite optimised for broadband communications. Its spotbeam configuration enables frequencies to be reused 20 times and takes total satellite throughput to beyond 90 Gbps. KA-SAT is able to offer high bandwidth and operate with small, competitively-priced end user terminals. It allows broadcasters, businesses and consumers in remote or low Internet connectivity areas to quickly and effectively establish broadband and data connections to meet their needs.


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