Slovakian Road Toll Operator chooses Eutelsat Broadband for vital data back-up from toll gateways



January 2016 – Slovakia’s electronic toll collection system operator, SkyToll a.s., has signed a contract to use Eutelsat Broadband’s satellite broadband service for data back-up from its toll gateways on roads at remote locations across the country. The satellite service, using Eutelsat’s high-throughput KA-SAT satellite, will ensure toll data and software updates can still be transmitted to and from remote toll gateways if the primary communication technologies fail.


The SkyToll electronic toll collection solution, based on GPS–GSM technology, monitors and charges freight traffic on more than 17,800 kilometers of motorway, expressway and lower class roads across the country. The system raised over 187m euros for the Slovakian National Motorway Company in 2015. From December 2015, the SkyToll company solution is also being used for electronic toll collection on vehicles below 3,5 tons.


SkyToll will initially install the Eutelsat Broadband solution at 18 remote monitoring gateway. The back-up solution will use a small satellite dish and modem to provide vital two-way communication links if the primary connections fail.


Marek Hrkel, Eutelsat Broadband Manager for Slovakia, said: “SkyToll’s use of our satellite broadband service is a great example of the vital roll that satellite communications can play in providing important communications links in some of the remotest areas of the world. Whether it’s for data back-up, internet access or business networks, Eutelsat Broadband’s range of satellite solutions can provide a cost effective and reliable solution wherever the location.”


Eutelsat Broadband’s services operate using the KA-SAT satellite, the latest generation of satellite technology and the first High Throughput satellite in Europe. Covering mainland Europe, North Africa and parts of the Middle East, KA-SAT can deliver broadband connections of up to 22 Mbps downstream and 6 Mbps upstream.


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