Eutelsat’s tooway™ satellite broadband service now available through Croatian Post Office network

Paris, Zagreb, 27 November 2014 – Eutelsat Broadband, the broadband affiliate of Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext: ETL) and its Croatian partner, Intersat Telecom, have signed an agreement with Croatian Post to retail the tooway™ satellite broadband service through the country’s nationwide network of post offices.

This new cooperation is set to transform the broadband landscape in Croatia where more than 200,000 residents are still unable to benefit from a quality Internet connection for education, entertainment, communication and e-services. The tooway™ service, provided by Intersat Telecom, is now officially available in Croatian Post offices, with immediate priority given to homes beyond range of terrestrial broadband options.

Tooway™ allows users to quickly and easily connect to the Internet wherever they live and benefit from download speeds of up to 22 Mbps and upload speeds up to 6 Mbps User equipment, comprising a small dish and satellite modem can be self-installed or by one of Intersat Telecom’s installers across Croatia, who have been trained and certified by Eutelsat.

Intersat Telecom is offering tooway™ in Croatia from just 149,99 kn (19,70 €)a month for the entry-level service with 8GB of data. Packages include high monthly data allowances of up to 100GB and unlimited volumes between midnight and 6am.

Jo Kempen, Head of the External Communications Department, Croatian Post, said: “Our post offices are at the heart of Croatian communities across the country. We are glad that the value and proximity of our distribution network is recognised by our partners. It is a great addition to all the existing services.”

Anastasios Nikoyiannis, Regional Area Manager for Greece and Balkans at Eutelsat Broadband, said: “Tooway™ can redefine the broadband map in Croatia by quickly extending Internet access to homes countrywide. By working in partnership with the Croatian Post and Intersat Telecom we can take this solution to the doorsteps of users trapped in the Digital Divide.”

Marko Janković, General Managerat Intersat Telecom, said: “The reach and reputation of Croatian Post, Eutelsat’s state-of-the-art broadband solution and our telecom expertise combine to bring a quality and affordable solution to Croatian residents.”

Tooway™ is delivered using Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite, the first of a new generation of high-capacity satellites. Its revolutionary design enables customers across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin to receive fast broadband services irrespective of their location.

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