Eutelsat Demonstrates Satellite Broadband Technology to Help Close the Hungarian Digital Divide

9th December 2014 – With 6%* of the Hungarian population and 16%* of those living in rural areas still unable to access the internet through fixed line services, Eutelsat today demonstrated how satellite technology could help bring high-speed broadband access to Hungarian residents trapped in the Digital Divide.

Eutelsat Broadband’s tooway™ service uses a small (77cm) satellite dish and a modem to connect homeowners to the internet, without the need for a traditional telephone connection. Customers then have access to the fastest satellite broadband service in Europe, with download speeds of up to 22Mbps and upload speeds of up to 6Mbps. The dish can be self-installed or by professional installers located across Hungary, who have been trained and certified.

A variety of different packages are available to meet the needs of every household, starting from just 9.900 HUF per month for the entry level service up to the unlimited* tooway™ Infinite package designed for digital super-users and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) businesses (first 1,000 subscribers).

Sándor Jurásek, Eutelsat Broadband regional manager for Hungary, said: “Access to the internet is becoming an increasingly important tool for education, communication and commerce. Yet in many areas there is still a misconception that high-speed internet access is unavailable because of the lack of fixed line services. The good news is that this is simply not true. With the advances in satellite technology, satellite broadband can deliver high-speed internet access today to homes across the country trapped in the Digital Divide with no or a slow broadband service.”

Tooway™ is delivered using Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite, the first of a new European generation of high-capacity smart satellites. Its innovative design enables customers across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin to receive fast high-speed broadband services at a fraction of the cost of other satellites.

In addition to the residential tooway™ service, Eutelsat Broadband also offers a range of satellite communications services through its KA-SAT product line for businesses requiring internet access, Local Area Network connections, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and remote back-up solutions.

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