Eutelsat Broadband speeds up on the Southern Italian market by signing a distribution agreement for its toowayTM Business solutions with Yes We Com




Paris – Palermo, October 14th 2016 Eutelsat Broadband – business unit of the Eutelsat S.A. group, one of the world’s leading satellite operators – announces its collaboration with Yes We Com – TLC operator – as authorized distributor of the Eutelsat Broadband tooway™ Business solutions, the Eutelsat Broadband range of satellite services dedicated to professionals, SMEs, and organizations with slow or no fixed line access, as well as to those requiring alternative solutions for disaster recovery or back-up.

Eutelsat Broadband has always offered cutting-edge solutions to respond to the needs of individuals and organizations in digital divide areas; this is why a partnership has been established with Yes We Com, in charge of distributing tooway™ Business solutions in Italy and, especially, in the Southern regions of the country, poorly served from a connectivity point of view. Starting from today, the website is also live, specifically dedicated to the satellite connectivity solutions provided by Yes We Com in collaboration with Eutelsat Broadband.

“We decided to partner with Yes We Com because it exclusively addresses the business world, not only providing its clients with simple products or solutions, but with authentic integrated and customized packages,” says Stefano Zara, B2B Sales Channel Manager – Italy of Eutelsat Broadband. “We are confident that this collaboration will allow us to further approach those vertical markets, such as tourist areas, which currently are the most disadvantaged in the development of connectivity.”

The agreement between Eutelsat Broadband and Yes We Com, effective since July 1st 2016, already brought positive results. For example, satellite connectivity has been provided to the Theresia Resort on the island of Vulcano, the only 5-star hotel of the Aeolian Islands, which, due to its geographic position, couldn’t guarantee an adequate connection to its guests.

Yes We Com intervened by providing the facility with two tooway™ Business satellite connections, and by integrating them with two existing ADSL connections, in a system made up of a total of 30 check-points. This solution not only allowed the resort to provide its guests with a powerful and reliable WiFi connection, but also to make sure all necessary activities in the hotel could be carried out even during breakdowns of the terrestrial connectivity: booking, invoicing, supply management, and much more.

“We are extremely satisfied to have Eutelsat Broadband among our partners,” concludes Vito Sorrenti, founder and CEO of Yes We Com. “The tooway™ Business range is undoubtedly the best solution we can provide to our customers in the business world, helping them solve their connectivity needs.”

The connectivity services provided by Eutelsat Broadband are designed to meet the needs of professionals, SMEs, and businesses within the footprint of the KA-SAT satellite that covers Europe, North Africa and large parts of the Middle East. Services are optimised for users in locations where fixed line connectivity is slow or unavailable and also for businesses that need an alternative to fixed line broadband for critical applications such as disaster recovery or back-up. Eutelsat Broadband offers a wide range of data allowances up to 200GB a month and a host of flexible B2B features including Public IP addresses, Business Hour Protection and a range of customisable options including guaranteed bandwidth speeds.


Yes We Com

Yes We Com was born in January 2012, combining the experience acquired by the management in major TLC companies (such as Telecom Italia, British Telecom, Fastweb, and Vodafone), and the willingness to create a company as close as possible to the real needs of customers. Exclusively dedicated to the business market, Yes We Com’s main goal is to establish, in a very competitive market, an authentic trust relationship with customers, by providing one of the most qualified sales and post-sales networks in Italy. By offering a complete range of landline and mobile phone services, internet, energy, gas, and now also satellite connectivity, Yes We Com is the ideal partner for companies and professionals who are looking for sure and immediate answers to reach their goals, while at the same time optimizing costs. Yes We Com can provide customers with turnkey solutions, even for specific needs and ad hoc projects.




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