Eutelsat Broadband and ATS Elektronik sign agreement to offer communication solutions to emergency services and critical infrastructure operators

Paris, Cologne/Wunstorf (15.01.2015) – Security and reliability are top priorities for emergency services organisations, such as the police and fire brigade as well as operators of critical pubic infrastructure. Eutelsat Broadband, the broadband business unit of Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL), and German ATS Elektronik GmbH, a leading solutions and service provider in the security and communications industry, have signed an agreement to offer satellite based communication solutions for the emergency services sector and operators of critical infrastructures in Germany and international markets.

The partners will use Eutelsat’s high throughput satellite KA-SAT to deliver dedicated broadband IP services and offer communication solutions for backup, control and surveillance activities, telemetry and monitoring and alerts. Eutelsat’s high throughput satellite KA-SAT is the perfect platform for flexible, ready to use IP services, as well as for solutions that require guaranteed minimum bandwidth for fixed installations.

ATS-Elektronik is combining these advanced satellite solutions with its products to connect Tetra and DMR radio networks. The company has a network of market leading partners including DAMM Cellular Systems A/S (TETRA Infrastructure) and Motorola Solutions GmbH Germany (DMR infrastructure). With a spectrum of applications ranging from ad-hoc broadband communications for mobile voice, data and video transmissions, to TETRA radio services with autonomously operating base stations and the monitoring of critical infrastructures, backhaul and backup solutions for existing communications networks.

The KA-SAT services offer autonomous broadband solutions to receive and transmit data with the significant advantage of operating completely independently from bound and traditional radio-based infrastructures. The satellite provides a unique advantage in the event of overloaded or destroyed networks as a result of a natural disaster or large-scale damage.

Live demonstrations of solutions have recently been presented by the partners at the PMRExpo security fair in Cologne where two separate TETRA cells in Cologne and Wunstorf, near Hanover, were connected via KA-SAT. The solution impressed with its fast installation and high transmission quality.

“With its KA-SAT satellite Eutelsat is offering the most powerful satellite-based broadband platform for safety-critical applications in Europe. With ATS-Elektronik GmbH we have found a partner that offers extensive expertise in the public security sector,” stated Udo Neukirchen, Director of German Sales and Marketing for KA-SAT Services at Eutelsat Broadband. “The show cases at PMRExpo have demonstrated that users are seeing a variety of application options for our satellite solutions,” he added.

“The partnership with Eutelsat allows us to significantly broaden our service portfolio for our customers,” said Andreas Schroth, Managing Director of ATS-Elektronik. “Those that compare similar offers will very quickly understand why we have put our trust in Eutelsat and the KA-SAT satellite.”

About ATS Elektronik GmbH

For the past 25 years, ATS Elektronik has developed, produced and sold high-quality and innovative hardware and software products in the technology fields of communication, transportation and security. Its profound knowledge of the industry and technology as well as business expertise enables the specialist to offer consulting services and to plan and create tailor-made customer solutions. Since the foundation of the company, it has maintained close co-operation with Motorola Solutions GmbH Germany in the field of professional radio communications, and is authorized to install hardware and software in Motorola radio devices. ATS also develops its own applications based on Motorola standards. It is fully competent in the fields of TETRA and MOTOTRBOTM radio technology as well as in digital alerting. In security technology, ATS brings together usability with the highest levels of functionality and reliability. In this field it develops, produces and sells dial-up devices, alarm receiving systems as well as professional operations centre software for the security market. This wide range of products forms the basis to effectively master the most complex challenges. As a provider of intelligent system solutions, ATS first combines its products and then integrates them to meet the customer’s requirements. ATS is supported by a wide network of reliable partners specialized in the radio communications, alarm systems technology (installation and manufacturing), road traffic information technology, and radioactivity measurement, alongside its association with various universities. Its German and international customer base includes listed companies from the security sector, police forces and fire brigades as well as industry and the public sector. For further information:


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