EUSANET interlinks ARD-Starpoint with NewsSpotter PRO service for Real-time Transmission of IP streams into the ARD Network

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Flexible SNG service for satellite-based IP streaming from the field without the need for terrestrial connections


Bischberg, Frankfurt/Main, May 19, 2016 – EUSANET, a leading provider of satellite-based broadband services, is enabling satellite-based IP streaming for the ARD television network, at the ARD-Starpoint operations centre in Germany. The company has interconnected the leading public broadcaster’s distribution centre at Frankfurt on Main with the future proof NewsSpotter PRO system. ARD-Starpoint is the central interface for content distribution for all regional broadcasters under the ARD umbrella. An initial three-year contract has been signed between EUSANET and regional broadcaster Hessischer Rundfunk, the ARD-Starpoint operator.


By using the NewsSpotter PRO system, ARD-Starpoint broadcasters and content producers are able to feed IP streams into the ARD network in real-time via satellite. The new solution replaces the old system of data transmissions via the public Internet and significantly increases the quality of the IP streams. NewsSpotter PRO is streaming content via compact satellite dishes e.g. mounted on SNG vehicles. This allows the IP-based transmission of live AV data streams, in real-time from the field, without any need for a terrestrial fiber or other network connection. Using the NewsSpotter PRO system, SNG is more flexible and efficient than ever.


Data and video transmissions via the NewsSpotter PRO system are transmitted over Eutelsat‘s KA-SAT broadband satellite. With its 82 spotbeams and a dedicated network of ground stations across Europe, this satellite offers a data throughput of more than 90 Gbps. The ARD-Starpoint is connected with the KA-SAT satellite via a dedicated fiber line to the EUSANET datacenter.


EUSANET provides the NewsSpotter PRO systems and is monitoring the complete signal transmission chain via satellite and the interconnection to the ARD-Starpoint. The company also operates a special booking portal that quickly and simply manages the bandwidth required for IP transmissions. If needed, EUSANET also provides a Best Effort Internet access at the SNG vehicle for conventional Web connections.


Currently more than 40 mobile News Spotter Pro systems are operated by several regional ARD broadcasters for mobile, satellite-based IP streaming via the ARD-Starpoint.


“We are pleased that the interconnection of our NewsSpotter PRO system with ARD-Starpoint will make production and transmission transfer options more efficient and flexible for ARD,” said Stephan Schott, Managing Director of EUSANET GmbH. “SNG services are opening a new chapter for the digital broadcasting chain and more and more broadcasters are deciding to operate satellite-based IP streaming. From now on broadcasters will have boundless mobility, thanks to the widespread availability of KA-SAT enabled SNG vehicles.


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