Dawson’s KA-SAT satellite antenna wins Queen’s Award for Innovation

Dawsons Transmission Possible

21st April, 2016. London, UK. Dawson, the UK designer and manufacturer of an innovative antenna for transmitting communications to Eutelsat Broadband’s KA-SAT satellite above Europe, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

The Eutelsat approved GC- Zero 70K KA-SAT Antenna is self-pointing and can be operational with one click and within one minute. It is designed to enable broadcasters, providers of emergency services and organisations with mobile data requirements to easily establish VoIP and data connection services as well as transmit full broadcast quality HD signals wherever they are located.

Dawson’s antenna is also used for satellite news and data gathering across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin with Eutelsat Broadband’s simple and cost-effective NewsSpotter service. The equipment enables the transmission and reception of real-time, high-quality video, images and data from any location.

Dawson’s award winning antenna is used today in multiple applications throughout the UK and Europe. The antenna has helped bring mobile library services to remote parts of Wales as well as mobile banking to isolated areas of Scotland. Emergency services are also able to use the connectivity provided by Dawson’s GC-Zero 70K antenna to communicate between headquarters and emergency locations such as flood zones. It is also used by broadcasters all over Europe to provide hundreds of live programmes every day.

Ian Dawson, Managing Director and Founder of Dawson said: “We are very pleased that our innovative product has been recognised by the awarding committee and that we have demonstrated that a great British company can lead the world in innovation and product design. Our GC-Zero 70K KA-SAT antenna is designed to help broadcasters, corporate companies, emergency services and individuals with their mobile communication requirements.”


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