KA-SAT is keeping holiday resorts connected with high capacity solutions in isolated areas.

Today’s tourists have an increasing demand for internet and data-communication, this is usually served through local WiFi infrastructures in hotels, resorts or camping sites. Often the selection of the resort can depend on the availability of wifi connectivity. A lot of resorts suffer from that request as they are located in underserved/unserved areas.

KA-SAT can provide very high capacity connectivity, even for bigger hotels across Europe, North Africa and the Near East, especially where no other solution is available.

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L’Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay is a 4-star hotel in the Chevreuse Valley, Rambouillet  Forest, Yvelines – a venue decorated in history. The 12th century abbey boasts a gourmet restaurant, a private events space and 58 luxury rooms. However, due to the remote location of the building, management had previously struggled to find an internet connection […]

Featured in: Remote Access Tourism

Products used: Tooway Business

Distributor: Com-IP

Customer: L’Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay

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