Public & Private Safety

KA-SAT offers satellite surveillance and sensor solutions with ultra-reliable connectivity.

Public and private safety is facing changes as society moves towards web 2.0 with Internet connectivity everywhere. The current communication systems used by public and private safety organisations are predominantly behind these changes as they are limited to voice and slim data. In this context, public and private safety organisations have a need to catch up with the rest of the society. Financing dedicated communication systems is proving challenging as the level of investment is extensive and usually comes on top of the existing infrastructure.

For this reason, the service providers in this industry started partnerships based on VNO models, primarily in mobile broadband communication. However, mobile networks are not able to provide dedicated fulfilment of the services and require acceptance of shared access with the public, or just fail to provide the needed coverage. Particularly during major events, there is a lack of throughput capacity, which limits the type of services that can be used.

Eutelsat Broadband has the answer to most of these limitations, especially where none or very little broadband capacity is available or other satellite data-communication offers do not provide a commercially viable solution.

Eutelsat Broadband offers explicit attractive products for the following uses:

  • Back-up for mission critical fixed line communication
  • Remote backhaul for public safety communication infrastructure e.g. Tetra sites
  • Temporary nomadic broadband access in case of incidents and disaster cases
  • Surveillance solutions at remote locations
  • Connectivity for remote sensor networks

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