NewsSpotter delivers a cost-effective SNG (Satellite News Gathering) service with a virtually limitless range.

KA-SAT is providing various solutions in the media industry, primarily in the transmission area with NewsSpotter, which provides a cost effective Satellite News Gathering (SNG) service, as well as assisting the operation and management (O&M) of terrestrial broadcasters.

Ka-SAT is a game changer in this industry, enabling content provision in the age of Web 2.0, where the audience is following specific interests rather than the traditional mainstream. The NewsSpotter approach is following this trend with it’s pure IP based, flexible design.

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Internet via satellite services delivered by Eutelsat has transformed the broadcasting facilities. With high quality internal solutions, Eutelsat broadband provides you with excellent terrestrial and satellite based internet services, which usher in a new era of high speed internet for Newspotter.

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Customer: Auriga Networks

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