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Constant connectivity for head offices, power plants and consumer homes in an evolving energy sector.

The introduction of IT solutions to the energy sector is changing industry dynamics. With smaller, often renewable production plants springing up all over the world and the launch of smart technology into consumer energy, there is a demand for smart and reliable management networks.

Eutelsat’s KA-SAT is enabling:

  • Managed transport networks for smaller renewable energy production sites
  • Control and management of offshore or isolated production sites, ie: wind farms or tidal power
  • More accurate and controlled transportation facilities for electricity, gas, water and oil
  • Real-time and accurate connections between end-user smart meters and utility companies to reduce costs and provide precise tariffs
  • Precision management of the water cycle, which requires sensor networks that measure the humidity of water production sources

KA-SAT is the perfect enabler of communication in cases, where major power outages appear and the regular terrestrial facilities are out of operation.

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You can now even access high speed broadband from your vehicle like the Thames water project employees with the help of connected car facility using Eutelsat Broadband. This facility ensures that you have internet connection on the go with Wi-Fi facilities and can respond immediately to any emergency.

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