KA-SAT connectivity is helping drive the automotive industry into an age of automation.

Over the years, data-communication has become more and more important to the automotive industry in all their business aspects. Just in time delivery of goods to production lines or communication between the dealer workshops and distribution centres are examples of what makes the automotive industry efficient today.

The industry is facing other model changes including:

  • Production moves to Industry 4.0
  • Flagship showrooms becoming visualised, connected and interactive
  • Cars get connected with OEMs, which provide additional applications to drivers
  • Communication between customer and car OEMs becoming more intensive and a real unique selling point

Reliable broadband connectivity is therefore a necessity for the automotive industry to manage operations. Fixed line communication networks deliver connectivity, but not always to the extent and reliability expected by the industry.

Satellite Broadband can fill the gap, either as a back up or extension of the existing infrastructure. Everywhere where the OEM needs full control over the communication, the satellite is the better or valid option.

Satellite Coverage

satellite coverage map