Eutelsat broadband can provide a full range of B2B products. Moreover, it can put the prospects in contact with the most appropriate partner to fulfill every professional requirement.
The KA-SAT coverage area includes Europe, Mediterranean area and part of the Middle East.
The services provided through the KA-SAT platform are full IP based, available with different options and customisations.
The B2B portfolio includes services in Best Effort or with dedicated capacity, in function of the preferred model; the B2B services are managed with the best priority inside the KA-SAT infrastructure.
The B2B services are fully compliant with the TCP-IP protocols, so almost all the applications available in the market are supported.
Thanks to the fully customisable specifications, it’s possible to design different peak-rates up to 22 Mbps FWC and 10 Mbps RTC (available for NewsSpotter services).
The KA-SAT infrastructure is based on the ViSat Surfbeam II technology, completely customised and unique in the market. Data-protection is guaranteed.
Thanks to a complete and innovative network management system called OSS, it’s possible to access a reserved area where all the information related to each single account is disclosed.
Inside the B2B portfolio, nomadic solutions are available. Mobile solutions are under development.

Satellite Coverage

satellite coverage map