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Fast & Reliable Internet Access on the Turkish Seashore of Bodrum

Fast & Reliable Internet Access on the Turkish Seashore of Bodrum

Using Eutelsat Broadband’s KA-SAT satellite and offering fast and reliable Internet access everywhere, tooway Business is hailed by its clients for its practical, fast, reliable and stable solutions for data transfer, communication and Internet access services for small and medium-scaled enterprises.

Cactus Hotels group uses tooway Business products at nine of their medium to large sized hotels in Gümüldür and Bodrum. Two aqua parks also owned by Cactus Hotels in Yalıkavak and Gümüldür are also supplied by tooway Business to resolve the Internet connection issues typical to the Aegean area to offer uninterrupted and fast Internet for it’s visitors.

Supported by our authorized distributor İŞNET, Cactus Hotels now provides high-quality Internet access and communication throughout their locations for hotel visitors through a local Wi-Fi technology. Mr Hakan Uruk, Regional Manager of Cactus Hotels and an experienced tourism professional, has been using the service for a long time and has valuable insights on the tooway Business experience. He understood the importance of his guests’ need for secure Internet access to share their holiday experience with loved ones or access important data throughout their stay.

In this setting fast Internet speed is particularly important, as guests require quick access to web pages or email during their holidays in order to continue to make the most of their time abroad. In some cases, however, connections over phone line or 3G can cause overload and are unable to meet the requirements.

Thanks to tooway Business, Cactus Hotels are able to provide fast and uninterrupted Internet services for guests, as Mr Uruk details: “All our transactions, accounts, communication and reservations depend on Internet. However, we cannot have fiber Internet everywhere. Satellite Broadband is very suitable for our needs. There are no problems of interruption. Internet via satellite helps us provide uninterrupted Internet for everyone. We did some careful research before we decided on tooway and clearly understood the benefits of the service. tooway’s installation is easy, no heavy groundwork is needed. It is just a satellite dish and technicians install it and activate the service in just half an hour. It is very simple. Guests in our hotels enjoy problem-free fast Internet access. Some even watch movies online.

As highlighted by Mr Uruk, Internet interruption due to the slightest failure, excavation work installing the fiber cables or repairs after installation can be a huge disadvantage to a business. Mr Uruk’s experience with tooway Business highlights the advantages of satellite Internet compared to terrestrial services. He notes: “We strongly recommend tooway Business, there is no risk of interruption and your processes will run smoothly. I recommend satellite Internet and tooway for all businesses.”

tooway Business is specifically designed to serve the needs of small to medium size businesses and provide high-quality data transfer, bidirectional communications and Internet access with a variety of additional options. If required, speed and capacity can also be increased with multiple terminals installed at the same site.

tooway Business is fully equipped for corporate needs and provides businesses with ease of access and flexibility for commercial systems where fiber cables are not installed or GSM networks are either too busy or too weak, particularly in tourist resorts. Providing the fastest broadband satellite Internet access in Europe, tooway Business serves many popular tourist destinations in Turkey. tooway Business does not require these tourist destinations to install their own infrastructure as access to IP/Internet is provided via a satellite that uses a small satellite dish. Multichannel TV services are also accessible using the same dish, requiring no additional equipment.

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