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Eutelsat KA-SAT satellite keeps tourists connected at German Campsite

Eutelsat KA-SAT satellite keeps tourists connected at German Campsite

With tourists across Germany, Austria and Switzerland now prioritizing their holiday bookings based on good internet access, Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite internet service is in high demand.

When Rainer Frank had the idea of setting up one of the first campsites in East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall his aim was always to keep standards high with a fantastic motorhome park. Based on the border of The Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park, the holiday facility is just 100 metres from the beach.

“We take pride in the quality we provide,” said Rainer. “We are eco-certified, and over the years we have continued to make improvements. WLAN is a real must these days. We have tried several solutions but only have a 2,000 kbit/s line. Can you imagine what it’s like when 5 people are online at the same time? The network completely collapses.”

As more and more holidaymakers were asking about internet access and speeds when making enquires, Rainer turned to Benyo and Eutelsat partner getinternet for a solution.

Benyo specializes in the tourism industry providing solutions for large open spaces and campsites; anywhere where people want to get online quickly, efficiently and for free.

Steffen Baum, of Benyo, said: “When we received our first enquiries from campsites about potential solutions we contacted Eutelsat’s German partner getinternet to enquire about the Eutelsat KA-SAT solution. We then ordered a test solution, set it up at the company, tested it and were impressed.”

“From a technical perspective, Eutelsat provides us with the available bandwidths that we need for our customers via the KA-SAT satellite and it is good value for money. The service here is outstanding, the operator and the guests are very happy with it. The advantage for us with the Eutelsat solution is that we can react to the bandwidth requirements and can scale the system.”

With its total capacity of more than 90 Gbps, KA-SAT has ushered in a new era of competitively priced, satellite-delivered communications services for businesses. The satellite forms the cornerstone of a new satellite infrastructure, which includes eight main satellite gateways across Europe connected to the Internet by a fibre backbone ring. KA-SAT meets professional needs for higher volume and bandwidth in applications ranging from enterprise networks to Internet backhaul, backup services and M2M connectivity.

Gunnar Kreussel, of getinternet added: “Together with Eutelsat, we provide solutions with guaranteed bandwidths and we provide volumes that can be accessed at reasonable prices. We’ve had some very, very good conversations about this type of service with campsite owners, as well as people who run holiday homes, holiday parks, hotels and guesthouses. They simply need broadband and fast internet or they are at a competitive disadvantage.”

Campsite owner Rainer agreed adding that from conversations that he and other staff have had with customers there is a real customer and business advantage to providing the service. “I can thoroughly recommend Eutelsat broadband as a way to network other tourist facilities.”

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