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Eutelsat Broadband and Datafast help Alectris service remote renewable energy sites across Europe

Eutelsat Broadband and Datafast help Alectris service remote renewable energy sites across Europe

Alectris specializes in providing engineering, operations and maintenance and asset management for renewable energy sites internationally. In particular, the business has established a specialist reputation in supporting solar energy sites across Europe.

“Engineering Services, Operation and Maintenance and Asset Management are critical in running any solar farm operation,” said Vasilis Papaoikonomou, Managing Director at Alectris. “These installations tend to be spread out geographically. It is extremely important to be able to monitor these farms as closely as possible. Essentially, this allows us to have eyes and ears on the ground. Without connectivity, we can’t monitor the farm, which means we can’t provide our services.”

When Alectris began working in the renewable energy sector, it quickly realized that a standard connection to all its customers’ farms would be required.

“We’re essentially talking about telemetry,” said Vasilis. “This involves installing machines that collect data from the farm’s solar panels. This information is sent to our Data Centre, where we can work on it remotely. We then put together reports and try to find a solution to any problem. It also allows us to manage all the farm’s activities from start to finish.”

After a thorough market investigation to identify providers who could offer a complete solution, Alectris chose Datafast and Eutelsat Broadband’s satellite solution.

With Datafast’s satellite communications knowledge and implementation skills and Eutelsat Broadband’s satellite communication service, using it’s KA-SAT satellite over Europe, the companies had the perfect telemetry solution for Alectris.

With its total capacity of more than 90 Gbps, KA-SAT has ushered in a new era of competitively priced, satellite-delivered services for businesses. The satellite forms the cornerstone of a new satellite infrastructure, which includes eight main satellite gateways across Europe connected to the Internet by a fibre backbone ring. KA-SAT meets professional needs for higher volume and bandwidth in applications ranging from enterprise networks to Internet backhaul, backup services and M2M connectivity.

“Together Datafast and Eutelsat Broadband meet all our needs by providing high quality, stable and reliable communications,” said Vasilis. “We’ve been working together for six or seven years now, without the slightest problem.”

Datafast has been providing satellite Internet services to businesses such as shipping companies and solar and wind farms since 1991. The company’s Maria Zigoura added: “We understand that customers looking for satellite Internet solutions for solar and wind farms need rapid support in the event of a technical problem. We’re always there when they need us, thanks to our call centre and remote technical support services. Our system enables us to monitor all our customers’ activities remotely.”

“We chose Eutelsat because they are one of the largest satellite companies in the world. Our relationship with Eutelsat is constantly evolving. They help us provide better services and technical support for the end customer every day, which is the cornerstone of our business.”

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