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Eutelsat Broadband safeguards connectivity for leading German security firm

Eutelsat Broadband safeguards connectivity for leading German security firm

Established for over 30 years, SWD GmbH is a leading emergency response centre operating out of Gaimersheim near Munich.

The company provides security solutions ranging from security personnel to alarm systems for private and business clients. 

SWD runs a control centre that monitors the alarm systems of about 700 customers. Technically, the monitoring is progressively being done over the internet through IP technology. This being less reliable than previously used telephone networks, SWD has subscribed a satellite back-up from our partner ATS Elektronik GmbH to guarantee business continuity.

It was their ISP, providing internet access via a fixed leased line, that recommended the back-up via satellite to ensure continuous connectivity in case of  terrestrial outages.

“Internet connectivity is extremely important for us’ states Fabian Lenker, Head of Operations of SWD. “Since all our alarms are transferred exclusively through the internet, it was important that the system be absolutely failsafe. Since the IP connection or the electricity can undergo outages and we cannot be exposed to any risk of this kind, we chose satellite to assure business continuity for our monitoring centre”

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