Remote Access

High-speed, secure inter-branch communications networks for international businesses and organisations.

For organisations operating with a geographically dispersed network of offices and business locations, maintaining a high-speed, secure, inter-branch communications network is a critical part of the corporate IT infrastructure. The increase on capacity needs – especially for mission and business critical applications – is a challenge at remote locations, even when terrestrial low bandwidth infrastructure is available. Ka-SAT can provide the high throughput connectivity that can provide a quality service to the most isolated areas.

Ka-SAT is used at many off-shore sites on the North, Baltic and Mediterranean Seas and can provide broadband access where there is a lack of terrestrial infrastructure for construction companies, event organisers and public safety organisations.


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L’Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay is a 4-star hotel in the Chevreuse Valley, Rambouillet  Forest, Yvelines – a venue decorated in history. The 12th century abbey boasts a gourmet restaurant, a private events space and 58 luxury rooms. However, due to the remote location of the building, management had previously struggled to find an internet connection […]

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Products used: Tooway Business

Distributor: Com-IP

Customer: L’Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay

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When Slovakian construction worker Dušan Hrivik built his dream home in a quiet suburb of the city of Žilina, in the Slovak Republic, one of his challenges was finding an internet service that could serve his business and home needs. “Internet options were very limited in the Budatin district and Dušan was attracted by the […]

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Products used: Tooway Business

Distributor: Softel

Customer: Bet Rent

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You can now even access high speed broadband from your vehicle like the Thames water project employees with the help of connected car facility using Eutelsat Broadband. This facility ensures that you have internet connection on the go with Wi-Fi facilities and can respond immediately to any emergency.

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Products used: Tooway Business

Distributor: Wireless Innovation

Customer: Thames Water

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