Reservable bandwidth from KA-SAT, providing the modern journalist with complete freedom to roam.

NewsSpotter gives broadcasters, webcasters and governmental services the freedom to transmit videos and data from remote places where there is a lack of terrestrial coverage. Bandwidth can be reserved online using the self-booking application, which is perfect for occasional, last minute use, or for guaranteeing reservations for dedicated use.

NewsSpotter also serves the film industry, allowing producers to cost-efficiently send rushes to editing studios, and has been deployed for civilian safety services to coordinate relief work.

Auriga Networks is a specialist networking company implementing IP networks for broadcasters. The organisation bridges the divide between conventional broadcast video and IP video distribution systems and sees Eutelsat’s NewsSpotter as a vital service in its armoury.

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Internet via satellite services delivered by Eutelsat has transformed the broadcasting facilities. With high quality internal solutions, Eutelsat broadband provides you with excellent terrestrial and satellite based internet services, which usher in a new era of high speed internet for Newspotter.

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Products used: NewsSpotter

Distributor: Europasat

Customer: Auriga Networks

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