Back Up

Back Up broadband services in times of terrestrial breakdown for companies reliant on connectivity.

In today’s internet-reliant business environment, major enterprises, SMEs and public sector bodies rely on continuous, uninterrupted connectivity for interbranch communication, file and application sharing, as well as important customer and partner transactions. Disruption to Internet connectivity can have serious consequences on productivity and cause financial losses.

Although many organisations safeguard the situation through multiple ISP contracts, this often fails to address the problem of the “last mile”, which is usually physically shared by all the ISPs. In addition, 3G/4G services are not universally available, particularly in remote, rural locations. Networks that are available typically deliver limited access to the Internet and are unable to support the use of anything other than basic email and voice traffic.

With OneAccess, Eutelsat offers Internet-reliant organisations the first resilient, high-performance back-up service enabling business operations to be maintained during any outage of terrestrial connectivity. With DSL-like performance, dual-Internet access and on-CPE WAN optimization functionality, high-bandwidth applications can continue without interruption.


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